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Karthik Velayutham


Karthik Velayutham, a renewable engineer and researcher, has demonstrated a knack for solving complex problems in the engineering and energy sectors, employing innovative concepts. With a passion for technological innovation, Karthik has designed and patented several groundbreaking devices, including the world’s first cooling system using mechanical vibrations and a unique heat-to-vibration converter engine. Karthik’s other achievements include developing a wind energy device for urban settings and pioneering a wave energy device based on mechanical vibrations.

Holding three approved patents with six more pending, Karthik’s academic background includes an MSc in Sustainable Engineering: Offshore Renewable Energy and a BEng in Naval Architecture and Small Craft Engineering from the University of Strathclyde. As founder of ‘Kartick Ltd,’ Karthik Velayutham focuses on R&D and patent developments, underscoring a commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable solutions.


Karthik Velayutham