A Climate Change with Matt Matern

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Each week we talk about the environment and what we can do to make a difference today. Let’s work together to save our planet. It’s in our power to make a change for our children and grandchildren. Join us as we commit to making “a climate change.” — Matt Matern

A Climate Change with Matt Matern

Help Us Change the Climate!

A Climate Change with Matt Matern is a weekly radio show and podcast about combating the greatest threat to mankind: climate change.

We interview influential innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from all over the world in order to form a coalition to save our planet.

Our show aims to inform our audience on current environmental issues, while inspiring listeners to take action and create a coalition to save the planet.

A Climate Change serves to inform our audience about the environmental & political issues facing us, and inspire people to take action and create a coalition to save our planet.

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America no longer needs divisive debates; we need inclusive discussions and solutions. Join Matt, a highly experienced attorney, as he talks about social and environmental issues with today’s top influential personalities, organizers, and authors.

Meet Matt Matern

Matt Matern is a highly experienced attorney who has successfully litigated all types of cases against large companies and the government. He has been selected to the Southern California Super Lawyers list every year since 2009. He is the founding and managing partner of a law firm with 23 attorneys and has offices all over the State of California…

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