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Renee Grogan


Renee Grogan is an environmental consultant with over ten years of experience in the resources industry. She has significant expertise in the implementation of international and domestic legislation in extractive industries, particularly regarding the implementation of IFC Standards for Environmental Impact Assessments. Ms. Grogan has experience in both policy development and implementation, having worked as the program officer for the Australian Federal Government Department of Research and Development, and managing a state government funded terrestrial biodiversity program. She also has over 8 years of experience in terrestrial and marine mining, including most recently as Sustainability Manager for Nautilus Minerals. Her experience includes management of environmental impacts, management plans and procedures, and Environmental Impact Assessment permitting for major mining projects in both the terrestrial and marine environment in Australia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

Ms. Grogan has marine mining experience including Environmental Impact Assessment and management for vessel operations (including compliance with MARPOL and the London Convention standards) and deep sea mining (seafloor massive sulphides). She also worked on land based runoff management and operational management of deep sea tailings disposal. Ms. Grogan holds a Bachelor of Science in Ecology from the Australian National University and a Master of Business Administration from the Australian Institute of Business, and is an Advisory Board Member of the European Union VAMOS Project.


Renee Grogan
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