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Rex Parris


In addition to managing his trial calendar and the Firm’s diversified practice, Rex also manages one of California’s fastest-growing cities. As the mayor of Lancaster since 2008, Rex has gained nationwide media attention for his efforts to improve the wellbeing of the city’s residents. For example, gang violence dropped 82%, the city’s downtown area was completely redeveloped during the worst economic downturn in over 75 years, and all of the city’s municipal buildings were converted to solar power.

Since his election, Parris has taken steps to make Lancaster a “Net Zero City.” In 2015, Lancaster became the first city in the world to generate more clean energy than it consumes and require all new housing to be net zero.

In July 2010, the City of Lancaster partnered with SolarCity to launch the Solar Lancaster program, a solar financing program for homeowners, business owners and nonprofit organizations. In 2015, Parris and the City of Lancaster launched Lancaster Choice Energy, a nonprofit locally-run energy company for Lancaster businesses and residents.

Lancaster’s Antelope Valley Transportation Agency is the first public bus agency with 100% of their fleet electric buses.


Mayor Rex Parris
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