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Sally Uren


Sally has worked with wide-ranging businesses, non-profits and philanthropic organisations throughout her career and currently leads Forum’s mission to create a just and regenerative future, in which both people and the planet thrive. This involves a laser focus on transforming how the world thinks about, produces, consumes and values food and energy, and on reimagining the purpose of business in our society and economy.

Sally joined Forum in 2002, originally as Head of Business Programme, and is now Chief Executive, having overseen the growth from Forum’s UK roots to running thriving programmes across the U.S, Southeast Asia, and India. Sally is actively involved in sector-wide collaborations and in one-to-one work with leading businesses, including Target, Olam, M&S, Bentley Motors and more.

She regularly speaks at flagship sustainability conferences, while writing for key media publications, all with the desire to influence what people think, feel, and do in response to our intensifying social, environmental, and economic challenges. With a background in ecology, Sally is particularly passionate about the potential and reality of regenerative business.

In December 2017, she received an OBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List for services to sustainability in business.


Sally Uren