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Saxon Metzger


My consultation work in sustainability and energy policy at Eighth Generation Consulting has specialized in providing project management, land acquisition recommendations, grant management, and public representation at for profit, not-for profit, and municipal institutions. Highlights including collaborating on concept papers for NREL, JISEA, and DOE grants with Columbia University and EPRI, as well as creating a Sustainability and Climate Action Plan for the City of Carbondale, which has been honored and highlighted by the United Nations.

I am also a part time professor teaching graduate level Business courses at Wilmington University by special request of the Program Chair, including Quantitative Analytics, Global Marketing Management, and Sustainable Business. My work has been published and referenced in numerous journals and picked up by several news outlets.


At NuLife Power Services, Saxon Metzger is the Solar Project Development Manager, directing operations for our C&I and utility scale solar photovoltaic system EPC, decommissioning, system repowering/remediation, and removal & replacement services. Saxon is heavily experienced in CAISO and MISO territory, and has quoted, performed, consulted work nationally in most major markets.
Saxon Metzger
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