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Zachary Kirstein


Zachary Scott Kirstein is the President & Founder of the Ocean Recovery Group, Founding Partner in New Era Recycling (his newest recycling operation in Miami) and Vice President & Founder of 4G Recycling, one of the largest privately held recycling companies in the United States. Under Zachary’s leadership, Inc Magazine named 4G Recycling as the fastest growing recycler in Florida in 2020. 4G Recycling recycles more than 600,000 tons annually. A proven expert in the recycling and sustainability field, Zachary has held previous roles as the Sales Manager at Greenstar North America and the Sales Manager of American Recycling Company.

Zachary has been featured on the covers of Recycling Today and Waste Advantage Magazine as well features in Forbes, Washington Post and Plastics News. Zachary is a longstanding member of EO Entrepreneurs Group and has many other mentorship roles. Zachary has a longstanding commitment to philanthropy and community engagement. He donates more than 10% of the profits personally and from his businesses to charitable endeavors.