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Episode 51: Dar-Lon Chang & Jay Levin

Guest Name(s): Dar-Lon Chang, Jay Levin

Matt Matern discusses the environment and other topics with a former Research Engineer at Exxon Mobil and the Founder of LA Weekly who is involved in several media companies and non-profit work.

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A Disillusioned ExxonMobil Engineer Quits to Take Action on Climate Change and Stop “Making the World Worse” After 16 years of working for the oil giant, Dar-Lon Chang said Exxon would not address climate change. So he quit the sector for good, and began a new low-carbon life.
The mission of “The Big EQ Campaign” is to provide what every important social movement that has been successful always generates. That is, a major leading institution that mobilizes the public behind what is so clearly in the public good. In fact, we are happy to make the argument that no mission out there is more important to the long-term public good than elevating the human capacity to deal in a healthy way with ourselves and others – and we are starting with our children.
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