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Episode 7: Mark Goulston

Guest Name(s): Mark Goulston

Psychiatrist and author, Dr. Mark Goulston, teaches Matt Matern about Surgical Empathy and the importance of listening.

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Dr. Mark Goulston is a Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches member and coaches entrepreneurs, CEOs, Chairs, and Managing Directors to become the best version of themselves. He is also an international keynote speaker helping audiences do the same. Originally a UCLA professor of psychiatry for over 25 years, and a former FBI and police hostage negotiation trainer, Dr. Mark Goulston’s expertise has been forged and proven in the crucible of real-life, high stakes situations. He is the author or co-author of nine books with his book, “Just Listen,” being translated into twenty eight languages and becoming the top book on listening in the world. He is the host of the highly rated podcast, My Wakeup Call and the co-host of “Out of Our Minds and In Your Space” on Twitter Spaces which is a mashup for creatives and thinkers.
I’m Dr. Mark Goulston, and this is My Wakeup Call. Everybody has personal wakeup calls, but not everybody wakes up. In this podcast, we speak to people who did. In fact, they not only woke up, but their wakeup calls changed their lives, often helped them discover their purpose and then changed how they would spend the rest of their life. In most cases, the wakeup call was not pleasant, sought-after, and often shook people to the core of their being. But in every case, it made our guests more authentic, better at life, better in life and better human beings. I hope you will listen in and become as inspired as I am from every episode. I also hope it will help you persevere if you are going through a wakeup call and haven’t yet gotten through the pain of it, or landed in your future as the better person you’re meant to be, with the better life that you’re meant to have.
Surgical Empathy is the process of empathically going into the hopelessness abscess in the Dark Night of the Soul of a person in despair, incising and draining it with accurate compassion and then proceeding to empatholysis where a person’s attachment to death as the only relief for unbearable pain is broken and instead that person attaches to compassionate empathy which forms a bridge to hope and that person heals from their inside out with their despair organically disappearing…
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