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Episode 95: Isaias Hernandez, Environmental Educator, @QueerBrownVegan

Guest Name(s): Isaias Hernandez

Listen in this week as guest Isaias Hernandez discusses our climate crisis and things we can do to educate others. Isaias is a passionate Environmental Educator and Gen Z Climate Activist, who goes by the moniker QueerBrownVegan.

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There’s no ethical way to earn money as an environmentalist. As a “climate influencer”, this topic offers a chance for me to directly examine my work, my praxis to privilege, and be creating a dialogue with a systemic focus. There are many valid critiques in the influencer landscape, but there are also nuances and things I’ve experienced that deserve an active conversation. Is the environmental movement more concerned with acting as purists, or embracing mistakes as lessons for growth? I hope for the latter…
Environmental Educator & Creator of QueerBrownVegan. Building ecological wealth through environmental justice and literacy…
Environmental Educator, Climate, Sustainability ♻️, 💌 [email protected]
Episode 95: Isaias Hernandez
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