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Episode 85: Dr. Tony Salas, CEO and Founder of SHARED-X Impact Farming

Guest Name(s): Dr. Tony Salas

Join Matt for a lively interview with Dr. Tony Salas, CEO and Founder of SHARED-X Impact farming, and how to economically incentivize the carbon sequestration of regenerative farming.

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Tony Salas has been active in the area of agribusiness startups, mergers, and acquisitions. He is considered a very influential person in modern Latin American agricultural trends and has been former Director General of the National Ag-R&D Institute (ranked as Vice-Minister of Agriculture), General Manager of the Regional Government of San Martin, and founder of ACM, Peru’s leading ag-consulting company…
View a presentation from Dr. Tony Salas about regenerative agriculture…
Shared-X is a regenerative agriculture and biotechnology company focused on smallholder impact by generating access to specialty markets and modern farming technologies…
Episode 85: Dr. Tony Salas
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