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Voices for a Greener Planet: 10 Best Podcasts About Climate Change

podcasts about climate change

What’s the most powerful weapon you have in the fight against climate change? Believe it or not, it could be your headphones. Podcasts about climate change are not merely another media fad.

They are potent tools for immediate intellectual mobilization. These digital platforms of authority are eclipsing traditional news outlets by providing listeners with unfiltered, expert insights into the most pressing issue of our times.

You don’t have to scroll through endless articles or sit through dry seminars to get informed. In this article, you’ll find the top 10 podcasts that are not just engaging audio experiences but veritable crash courses in climate advocacy. Keep reading, and you’ll transform your daily commute or workout into an education session capable of turning you into an agent of change.

1. Hot Take

What if the news around climate change could be dissected through a lens that’s feminist, race-forward, and without a trace of sugar-coating? This is precisely what Hot Take accomplishes. It goes beyond the sanitized versions of climate news to give you a no-holds-barred analysis.

Hosted by Mary Annaïse Heglar, a forerunner in climate justice essaying, and Amy Westervelt, an award-winning investigative journalist, this podcast isn’t just another climate podcast. It’s a platform that aims to shake the conventional narratives surrounding climate change.

Mary Annaïse Heglar brings a unique perspective to the table. She’s been instrumental in framing climate change as not just an environmental issue, but a justice issue that intersects with race, class, and more.

As one of the few Black women in the climate discourse, Mary isn’t looking to just fit into the mainstream conversation. Instead, she aims to reshape it, taking the discussion beyond the usual ‘climate choir.’

Amy Westervelt, on the other hand, is not just a reporter but an industry shaker. She’s the founder of the Critical Frequency podcast network and has won numerous awards for her investigative pieces. She digs deep, probing into topics that others might shy away from.

Hot Take goes beyond merely reporting facts. It curates content, offers sharp media criticism, and even personal essays to give it a well-rounded approach. We particularly recommend episodes like ‘2020: The Shitshow,’ which analyzes how the Covid-19 pandemic influenced climate coverage. Or ‘Political Instability = Planetary Instability,’ which delves into the vicious cycle of how political chaos exacerbates environmental problems.

But perhaps the most impactful aspect of Hot Take is its authenticity. The hosts are not afraid to call out inadequate or misleading climate coverage. In a world awash with information, it serves as a beacon that helps you distinguish fact from fiction.

2. Hardware to Save a Planet

If you’re overwhelmed by the doom and gloom of most climate podcasts, Hardware to Save a Planet offers a refreshing change of tone. Produced by the MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society, this series shifts the narrative from problems to solutions and zeroes in on how hardware technologies can counteract climate change.

Hosted by Dylan Garrett, Head of Climate Tech Business at Synapse, each episode takes listeners on a journey through the world of emerging technologies. By featuring interviews with trailblazing figures from various corners of the globe, the podcast demystifies complex topics like renewable energy systems, sustainable agriculture, and green manufacturing.

But it’s not just a one-way stream of information. The show is designed to be accessible to people of all knowledge levels and breaks down scientific jargon into plain language that everyone can understand.

While plenty of media outlets focus on the impending climate crisis, few dig into the technical solutions with as much depth as Hardware to Save a Planet. This podcast stands apart by focusing solely on how hardware can help us mitigate the worst impacts of climate change.

Each episode dives into a specific challenge we’re facing and then examines the hardware technology poised to solve it. Whether it’s reducing carbon emissions or building more sustainable agricultural practices.

3. The Climate Question

The Climate Question podcast is far from your run-of-the-mill climate talk show. Hosted by Neal Razzell in Canada and Graihagh Jackson in London, this BBC production is sharp-edged, analytical, and brimming with a sense of adventure and discovery.

Forget about asking if climate change is real. This show skips the basics and dives straight into solutions: how can we adapt, temper, or even avert the changes our planet is undergoing?

Each episode lasts about 30 minutes and zooms in on a single topic, offering listeners a concentrated dose of information and insights. And they’re not shy about tackling tough questions. They’ve covered everything from the role of climate justice in the courtroom to the potential for Africa to shift straight to renewables.

But don’t mistake their detailed focus for narrowness. The show is broad in scope and examines a variety of industries that contribute to CO2 emissions. Every week, they explore a different sector’s challenges and discuss potential improvements that could lower its carbon footprint.

One of the most striking features of this podcast is its international perspective. The hosts are joined by BBC specialists and field experts from around the globe, making it a hub of diverse viewpoints.

These interviews aren’t just for show. They’re vital to understanding the complexity of our climate crisis and offering a well-rounded approach to solutions.

The show also does a remarkable job highlighting climate change displacement, among other pressing issues. It confronts hard realities while also showing us glimmers of hope where they can be found.

It’s not just about diagnosing problems but about spurring action. With episodes that pack in a lot of content without feeling rushed, the hosts guide the audience through intricate discussions effortlessly.

4. How to Save a Planet

Hosted by award-winning journalist Alex Blumberg and marine biologist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, this show is a breath of fresh air; no pun intended. Here, you find more than just alarming facts and statistics. It’s an active conversation aimed at empowering you, the listener, to actually do something about climate change.

This isn’t your standard climate change talk, filled with unattainable goals and a sense of inevitable doom. Instead, Alex and Ayana break down big topics like sustainability and environmental activism into bite-sized chunks that anyone can understand. You don’t need a Ph.D. to get it.

Episodes range from eye-opening discussions on kelp farming to the role of gender equality in climate change. While the subject matter is dire, the tone isn’t. You’ll find yourself laughing more than you’d expect.

For Alex and Ayana, it’s not enough just to point out the problems; they’re all about finding solutions. The podcast’s goal is to help listeners become part of the change at the systems level, not just in their personal habits.

No more shaming people for their carbon footprint; it’s time to participate in wider change. They want to mobilize listeners into an army of activists, focused on concrete steps rather than abstract ideals.

So, what sets this podcast apart from other climate change podcasts? First, it’s the hosts’ conviction that we can’t afford to lose ourselves in despair. We need optimism and actionable steps to tackle this crisis.

Second, it’s the choice of topics. This podcast isn’t just for the American audience; it’s global. Its episodes also dig deep, finding the intersection between climate change and other pressing issues like racial justice.

And let’s not forget the humor. In a field often marked by seriousness, a little laughter goes a long way in keeping the audience engaged.

5. Outrage and Optimism

Outrage and Optimism isn’t just another climate podcast to add to your listening queue. Hosted by a dynamic trio (Christiana Figueres, Tom Rivett-Carnac, and Paul Dickinson) this podcast packs a punch.

What sets it apart is its unique blend of, well, outrage and optimism. They’re mad, like many of us, that it’s taken this long for substantial action on climate change. But they also bring a refreshingly positive take, a “can-do attitude,” to the climate crisis.

Christiana Figueres, a key player as a former UN official, knows the intricacies of climate policy like the back of her hand. Pair her expertise with co-hosts Tom Rivett-Carnac and Paul Dickinson, and you get a show that covers all bases: science, business, finance, politics, and culture.

Every Thursday, they delve into the nitty-gritty, bringing in expert opinions and spotlighting individuals actively bettering their communities. Feeling down about the climate? This podcast will leave you both informed and energized.

So, what can you expect when you tune in? One week, you might find yourself learning about the latest scientific findings that guide our understanding of climate change. The next, you could be listening to interviews with community leaders implementing green initiatives.

There’s always something new which makes it a versatile listen for anyone eager to get a fuller picture of what’s happening to our planet.

What truly makes Outrage and Optimism special is how it tackles the messy emotions that often come with discussions about climate change. They get it; it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

But instead of wallowing in despair, the hosts channel that emotion into constructive conversations. They take you from feeling furious about the state of the world to wanting to roll up your sleeves and do something about it.

6. Drilled

When it comes to podcasts about climate change, Drilled stands out. Hosted by the award-winning investigative journalist Amy Westervelt, it takes a different angle.

This isn’t just about melting ice caps or dying species. It’s a true-crime story, digging into how big oil companies got us hooked on fossil fuels in the first place. Imagine that: a podcast that plays out like a detective story but focuses on the very urgent issue of climate change.

Amy Westervelt doesn’t sugarcoat things. She goes deep into the history, peeling back layers to reveal how fossil fuel companies have manipulated public opinion for decades.

If you think this is just another dry, academic exploration, think again. Westervelt grabs your attention, but be warned, you may have to walk around to fully engage with her captivating but calm voice.

It’s easy to drift off into thought because the podcast is so rich in information. You find yourself thinking about how deeply these companies have affected not only the environment but also policies and public opinion.

One striking aspect is her focus on PR tactics used by big oil companies, like ExxonMobil, Shell, and BP. One episode even looks at Ivy Lee, the PR guy for John D. Rockefeller, and his techniques for making harmful products seem harmless. It’s a bit chilling when you realize those same PR strategies are still in use today, turning fossil fuels into “natural gas” or branding with the color green to suggest environmental justice.

7. Reversing Climate Change

When you first hear about the Reversing Climate Change podcast, you might think, “Oh great, another show about how the world is ending.” But this podcast is anything but doom and gloom.

Sure, we’re facing a serious crisis, but this show focuses on solutions and the amazing people working on them. Hosts delve into a range of topics, discussing everything from new technologies that capture carbon dioxide, to organizations leading the charge in climate action.

What sets this podcast apart is its clarity. The hosts aren’t just throwing data and jargon at you; they break down complex ideas so anyone can understand. You don’t need a science degree to get it.

Every episode is like a breath of fresh air, teaching you something new and making you feel like, “Hey, we can actually do something about this.”

It’s not just a series of lectures either. The hosts bring in experts from all over the field (scientists, entrepreneurs, policymakers) to share their insights.

And these aren’t dry, academic conversations. They’re engaging talks that make you lean in and want to learn more. The hosts and their guests discuss what’s working and what’s not, busting myths and shedding light on fresh ideas that could actually make a difference.

One of the coolest things about this podcast is the sense of community it’s building. Listeners aren’t just passive; they’re getting involved, sharing their own ideas and success stories.

It’s like a ripple effect. You listen to one episode, and suddenly you’re inspired to do something in your own life to help reverse climate change.

8. The Wardrobe Crisis

The Wardrobe Crisis isn’t your average fashion podcast. While many outlets focus on trends and what’s hot on the runway, this show delves into the complex world of fashion with a different set of spectacles.

Hosted by Clare Press, a sustainable fashion expert, The Wardrobe Crisis takes listeners on a fascinating journey through the intricacies of the fashion industry. Not afraid to tackle hefty topics, the podcast takes a good, hard look at how the clothes we wear impact the world around us, from the environment to labor practices.

One of the unique aspects of this podcast is its star-studded guest list, spanning supermodels like Amber Valletta and Lily Cole to economists and activists such as Jason Hickel and Tarana Burke. That wide range gives the show an eclectic mix of perspectives.

Imagine discussing the politics of thrifting one week and then diving into the ethics of fair trade the next. The diversity of topics keeps listeners on their toes and challenges them to think critically about their choices.

Clare Press brings an infectious blend of earnestness and enthusiasm to each episode. She’s not one to shy away from calling out the bad actors contributing to climate change or the mistreatment of garment workers.

At the same time, she offers rays of hope by spotlighting companies and individuals pushing for sustainable and ethical practices. She’s enthusiastic but not naive, armed with facts but still full of warmth.

And while the show takes on some of the most pressing issues facing the world today, it does so with a unique blend of humor and vulnerability. This isn’t a dry, academic lecture. It’s an engaging conversation that invites you to learn, laugh, and even get a little mad sometimes.

9. Climate Now

Climate Now is not your typical podcast. While most podcasts might give you a surface-level view of topics, this one dives deep into the science and solutions of climate change.

Host James Lawler makes complicated issues easy to understand. He talks to people who know their stuff: scientists, money experts, teachers, and even people who invent new things to fight climate change. These aren’t just any guests; they’re people making real change in the world.

One episode you might find interesting talks about putting a price on carbon. Imagine if countries had to pay money for all the pollution they put out.

What would that do? Would things change overnight? This episode talks about why this is such a tricky thing to do.

It’s not just a bunch of people sitting around talking; they discuss the biggest group of economists who ever said, “Hey, we need to make people pay for polluting.”

James Lawler doesn’t just talk, he listens. He asks the hard questions, the kind you’re probably thinking as you listen. He doesn’t take sides.

He just wants to give you all the facts so you can understand what’s going on. And the best part? You don’t need a science degree to get it.

James breaks things down so anyone can understand. He wants everyone to know what’s happening to our planet, not just the smartest people in the room.

But that’s not all. If you’re more of a visual learner, Climate Now has got you covered with short videos. These videos explain big ideas in a way that makes sense.

So, you’re not just hearing about climate change; you’re seeing it. You can see how things like ice melting or forests disappearing are affecting us all.

10. A Climate Change with Matt Matern

A Climate Change with Matt Matern is not just another talk show; it’s a call to action. Each week, host Matt Matern brings to light the pressing issues surrounding climate change. But instead of leaving us in despair, he offers real solutions that you can put into practice.

Imagine a toolbox, but instead of hammers and nails, it’s filled with ways to help the planet. That’s what this podcast aims to be: a toolbox for change.

Matt knows that talking about problems isn’t enough; you need to do something about them. He interviews people who are making a difference, not just experts in labs but everyday folks making small changes that add up. They share stories that prove one person’s actions can indeed have a big impact.

You don’t need a degree in environmental science to understand the topics discussed. Matt breaks down complicated ideas into plain language that’s easy for everyone to understand.

But this podcast isn’t just about individual action; it’s about the power of community. Matt invites you to join a growing group of people who care about the Earth as much as you do. It’s like being part of a team, and everyone’s working towards the same goal: saving the planet.

This sense of unity makes tackling big issues like rising temperatures and extreme weather less daunting. You’re not alone in this fight; you’re part of a coalition that’s dedicated to creating a sustainable future.

While some shows leave you feeling overwhelmed, A Climate Change with Matt Matern leaves you empowered. It gives you the tools and knowledge you need to make smarter choices that benefit not just you, but the world around you. So, if you’re ready to be more than just a listener and become an active participant in fighting climate change, this podcast is your starting point. 

Learn More From Podcasts About Climate Change

If you’re on the hunt for in-depth, meaningful content, then look no further than these podcasts about climate change, including our very own A Climate Change with Matt Matern. Each podcast offers unique perspectives and invaluable information, but all share a unified mission: to inspire and equip you to take action against climate change. Our podcast not only informs but also provides actionable steps for everyday change-makers like you.

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