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A Climate Change with Matt Matern is a weekly environmental radio show and podcast featuring influential guests from government, business, activism, academia, and culture. The show serves to inform its audience about environmental issues, while inspiring listeners to take action and create a coalition to save the planet.

Episode 77: Jigar Shah, Director of Loan Programs - U.S. Department of Energy

77: Jigar Shah’s Vision for a Greener Energy Sector

Jigar Shah, Director of the DOE’s Loan Programs Office, discusses financing clean energy projects, hydrogen storage, small modular reactors, and virtual power plants. He emphasizes reducing investment risks and the need for a diverse energy mix to ensure resilience and sustainability.

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Episode 70: Jay Sinha, Author, Lawyer, & Co-Founder of Life Without Plastic

70: Jay Sinha, Co-Founder of Life Without Plastic

Matt Matern interviews Jay Sinha, co-founder of Life Without Plastic. Jay discusses the dangers of plastics, especially endocrine disruptors, and offers practical tips for reducing plastic use. He calls for stronger regulations and highlights the potential of bioplastics. #UniteAndHealAmerica #LifeWithoutPlastic

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Episode 66: Caroline Dennett, Safety Consultant & Director at Clout

66: Carolyn Dennett Exposes Shell’s Environmental Inaction

Carolyn Dennett, ex-Shell Oil consultant, left after 11 years due to Shell’s inaction on climate change. Frustrated by their continued oil and gas expansion, she urges companies to transition to sustainable practices. Dennett calls for collective action and praises Extinction Rebellion’s advocacy.

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Episode 61: Mayor Rex Parris, Mayor of Lancaster, CA

61: Rex Parris, Mayor of Net Zero City, Lancaster, CA

Matt Matern and Mayor Rex Parris discuss Lancaster’s sustainability efforts. Lancaster, the first U.S. city to mandate solar panels on new homes, aims to be the first hydrogen city. Parris highlights practical measures, electric public transportation, and innovative hydrogen production.

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